Who We Are

As a Family Owned & Operated Business, C & J Farms ~ Texas Artisan Seasonings, is a business we are proud to own. We work diligently to keep a personal touch throughout all aspects of our store, blogs, & social media pages, as none of our success would be possible without the roots our customers keeping us strong. We don’t just want to be the folks who make your seasonings, but your friends & a staple around your family’s table too.

Our entire family plays important roles dedicated to helping make our business one we are proud of & that our customers & followers enjoy returning to time & time again. We hope our natural, fresh approach, leaves our valued customers tasting & feeling the difference in our products.

Connie & Jim Gibson ~ Founders, Owners, & Operators

Having left the big city of Dallas, TX for a country farm life, Connie & Jim Gibson bought what is now our great C & J Farm just over 6 years ago! Located in Eureka, TX C & J Farms has grown into Quite the booming Farm. Here we grow & raise Most of the Herbs & Hot Peppers that go into our unique products & Blends. And what we don’t grow ourselves, we avidly strive to source from other fellow local growers.

When not infusing our Raw Honey or Hand mixing our Blends, you can also find them tending the Grass Fed Cattle (that also provides food for the family), to Green-housing, Planting & Harvesting the Crops, Making the plethora of great Homemade Products we carry, as well as selling at our multiple locations and shows we attend, Connie & Jim are so much more than just their titles, they are the foundation and backbone of the Farm & Business!

Matthew Tyler ~ Sales Manager

A huge part of C & J Farms are the multiple Shows and Farmers Markets we sell at Seasonally and Year Round. Matthew, always present with his sales winning smile, helps us expand our reach at Canton Trade Days, our Farmers Market locations, and our Annual Show Appearances. From the setup of our show spaces, to inside & outside sales, he greatly helps us introduce our products to a wider audience. C & J Farms is becoming not just a staple on your table, but on the shelves & tables of many Local Businesses, Chefs, Restaurants, & Caterers. Matthew also helps drive this area for us & is always available to our business clientele no matter how big or small.

Michelle Tyler ~ Media & Marketing Manager

Wife to Matthew Tyler, and full time homemaker for their 4 children, Michelle still juggles all that her title designates. Although behind the scenes, she is the personal part of C & J Farms you are familiar with. She has been, & will continue to be, the key to all the C & J Farms Social Media outlets you tune into & follow on a regular basis. Her creative ability & skill also lends to our Monthly Newsletter, Designing & Maintaining the Main Store Website, & Marketing. An excellent cook, she loves to continue providing our sites with the recipes you and your family love & enjoy. And yep, she also enjoys doing it with a smile (A Tyler Family Tradition)!

Tara Tyler-Algor ~ Recipe Consultant & Taste Tester

Tara Tyler is a full time registered Dietitian and dedicated consultant to the C & J Farms cooking and writing team. Lending us her direction & working to make sure all of our Hot & Spicy Products we create are the best. Also a great cook; she tests & tastes our products in new recipes, ensuring that they provide not just heat, but great flavor & nutrition too!

Amanda Chapman ~ Gardner & Assistant

Amanda has a good work ethic and helps us keep things going and growing on the farm. She works hard to care for our plants in the greenhouse & all of our beds & outside garden areas. She is also available to us to help with production & sales as needed. Having developed quite the green thumb & herb knowledge, she is always eager to help where needed & learn new things.