Our Products


Our fresh dried herbs are packaged at the peak of freshness and without any added preservatives. This delivers nothing but the best in flavors. All of our herb varieties are available in our great two way spice jars. We also offer refill and bulk options on a variety of our great products.

herbs label

Herb Blends

Try our custom, hand blended, Herb Blends, of our own unique recipes. The freshness, quality, and careful pairing of our herbs together offers a flavor profile you have never before experienced.

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We bring you the finest quality Spices from around the world. We strive to meet your culinary needs by providing quality, organic spices, with 100% pure great flavor.

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Sea Salts

The finest Sea Salts from around the world are brought right to your table at a cost you can afford. These Sea Salts are all unfiltered so they add nutrition with every bite. We have fun with the Infused Sea Salts here at C & J Farms too. You just have to try them to see what we mean.

sea salt label

Sea Salt Blends

Using the finest Sea Salts from around the world and custom blending them with the best of our Herbs, we bring the best and easiest to use flavor compliments straight from our kitchen to yours!

sea salt blends label

Jams, Preserves, & Raw Infused Honey

C & J Farms twist on fresh jams, jellies and preserves include fresh herbs and spices. We are sure you will taste the difference since we use local fresh ingredients. North Texas Raw Honey is infused with fresh pure ingredients. This ensures the best of the healthy properties of raw honey.

honey and jams label

As always you can find a full listing of all of our products and more at our Main Website & Store www.CJFarmsTexas.com.

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