About C & J Farms

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Welcome to C & J Farms
C & J Farms is a family run farm in Corsicana, Texas, specializing in growing and selling the freshest and most flavorful herbs available. Our fresh grown products include dried herbs, herb blends, seasonal fresh herbs, sea salts, and herb seasoned sea salt.
Our herb blends are great for those interested in learning how to cook with fresh herbs and for those who value healthy, all natural ingredients in their dishes. Distinct in their fresh aroma and taste, our seasonings and herbs provide a great addition to any kitchen. We also offer all of our herbs in bulk quantities for restaurants, caterers, and chefs.
C & J Farms,  Corsicana, TX
As a family owned and operated company, we treat every customer as a friend. We will gladly recommend a product, share a recipe or answer any question that you may have. Come by the C & J Farms Website http://www.CJFarmsTexas.com, please feel free to email us, Come check out our blogs, and find us on any of our multiple social media spots on Facebook, Twitter, & Google+ !  You can find us at many Farmers Markets on the Find US page of the website.
During the growing season, our entire line, including fresh herbs and infused raw honey, is available at our Farm Store Location. You can stop and pick fresh herbs, sample each of our product offerings.
With savory and sweet and hot and spicy in our products we are sure to have something for everyone’s unique flavor palette.

We continue to roll out new product as we find the right balance. We enjoy hearing from you so go visit and “like” our Facebook page and stop by our blog to learn about our farm and share how you enjoy C & J Farms products. We enjoy what we do and we love hearing from our customers, so be sure to check back often to see what’s new. Thanks for stopping by!

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