Leftovers ReCreated!

Have you ever cringed while throwing out perfectly good food that no one wanted to eat just because they were leftovers?! Well we have a huge family, but unfortunately once the 4 kids have eaten it once, they usually are less than thrilled to eat it again. Enter mommy with the Great Leftover Reinventions! Here’s a great picture diary of a few of my Meal Remakes! They will never know!

I made some great Baked Chicken using our C& J Farms Herbs de Provence Blend (originally I served it over white rice with salad). Here I just took the leftover chicken and put it a roasting pan with some green beans and potatoes, I sprinkled a bit of our C & J Farms Hickory & Herb Sea Salt over the veggies and baked in the over until the potatoes were soft! Cooked some rolls and serve! Easy and Simple and they had no idea they were eating a Re-Made Meal!


Here we had a bunch of leftover sliced tomatoes from a Hamburger Night. I sprinkled tomatoes with a bit of our C & J Farms Italian Herb Blend, layered fresh grated Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese on top, and then added a couple shakes of our great C & J Farms Chives! Baked in the over just until cheese melted. Awesome snack! The kids were putting pepperoni’s on top and loving it!


Got Leftover BBQ? How about Crockpot BBQ, pot roast style?! Leftover Smoked Sausage, Steaks, and Some Chicken Breasts were all originally grilled with our C & J Farms Hickory & Herb Sea Salt Blend, Here I just cut it all up, threw it in my big 15qt. crockpot in the morning after breakfast with some random veggies and some extra BBQ Sauce, turned it on and left it. About 8 hrs. later we had some of the best BBQ Pot Roast we’ve ever tasted! I served it over some buttered egg noodles with biscuits on the side for mopping up all the juicy goodness!


Remember those leftover hamburgers? Well I turned them into delicious breakfast burritos! Originally made by kneading C & J Farms Hickory & Herb Sea Salt Blend, Garlic & Onion Pieces, and about 1 cup of A1 into around 3 lbs. of Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef. (From our own Cow raised right here at the farm)! Well I took the leftover burgers, crumbled them up, browed the pieces in a frying pan to heat, removed them from the heat, and then scrambled some eggs in the same pan. Put all of it in a flour tortilla and sprinkled shredded cheddar on top! They were oh so good! Another great way to elaborate this recipe would be to add some diced bell peppers, onions, or maybe even some of our great C & J Farms Jalapeno Jelly!


So Mondays Spaghetti night turned into Friday Night Food Fun when we let the kids get creative with the leftover Meatballs and some wooden skewers. My Meatballs were originally made by blending C & J Farms Italian Herb Blend, Marjoram, Rosemary, Garlic & Onion Pieces, 1 egg (beaten),& 1 cup of Organic Bread Crumbs, with about 2 ½ lbs. of Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef.


The possibilities are endless, and we encourage you to try some new ideas with all your great leftovers too, and please share!