Do you know Where, When or How to add Turmeric to your meals? Look.

We hear a lot lately about the health properties of Turmeric. Well, where and how do you use it?  We have some easy ways listed below for you to begin adding it to your meals right away.

Turmeric’s flavor is earthy and slightly bitter and its taste is difficult at first. So you don’t think you like it and maybe you don’t but know this – Turmeric pairs well with almost any other spice like cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg and ginger. We add it with Sweet Paprika too.

We are most familiar with Turmeric in Curries and Yellow Mustard (that is what gives mustard its color.). Here are some ways for you to add it to your mealtime.

1) While heating cooking oils in a skillet add a pinch of Turmeric before adding the onion and garlic. Cook your meats, eggs or sauces as normal from there.
2) Add a pinch of Turmeric to your omelets, scrambled eggs or quiche.
3) Toss it with roasted vegetables. Cut your veggies into pieces and coat with olive oil, onion, garlic and some Turmeric and roast as normal. Good on veggies such as root veggies, potatoes and cauliflower.
4) Add a small amount of Turmeric to any rice dish.
5) Use this in soups. Turmeric adds it’s warm earthy flavor to vegetable or chicken noodle soup.
6) Add some Turmeric to your smoothies or make cold turmeric milk (see recipe on another blog.).
7) Put some Turmeric into that marinade you always use before you put your meat in.
8) Add it to your favorite rubs, salad dressings or hot sauce.

We love hearing from you and would really like to know some of the recipes you find using Turmeric.