Things of Beauty

Born and raised in the city or cities, city life is what I know. There are cosmopolitan cities with high fashion, sky scrapers and lots of concrete. Also, country cities, “green cities”, coastal cities, mountain cities, wet cities, desert cities but all cities.
I was blessed to work and raise my children in the city but I seemed to have a little different step than most I knew in the city. At one point I began to discover that I love growing flowers and things of time gone by. Upon the decision to move to the country I found myself in a world I didn’t know. No longer working in the corporate world or busy traveling internationally with my husband I was eager to try the change.

The house was early 1970’s, 20 acres of pasture land, mesquite trees (not lovely), pecan trees and goats, lots of goats. (That story is in another blog.) I learned how to drive a tractor and raise Boer goats. After being buried in goat work and the constant repair work on the property that always needed doing I begin to long for the convenience and beauty of the city. I could keep things neat and tidy, manicured, landscaped and weed free in the city.
house in springtime 3
Well, on 20 acres, that’s impossible without hiring farm labor. I felt like I was in a dirty house all of the time. When I looked out around the property needed work, repairs needed to be done and pastures needed to be mowed. I reached a point where I knew I needed an attitude adjustment. I was looking around and asked the Lord to begin to show me the beauty around me. Certainly there was some, somewhere.

It was a process but I did begin to see beauty I had never seen before. Beauty began to show up in animals giving birth and providing food, the fresh taste of home grown herbs and vegetables from the 4
Learning that what I spent years trying to eradicate, weeds, provided health benefits. Those dried flowers, grasses and grains I loved so much and purchased to make arrangements now grew in my pasture. I could harvest those for free. Who knew you could make wreaths out of honeysuckle?
wreath 1
I now look forward to all of the new challenges that await me on the farm because I see the beauty in advance. That helps so much because the repairs still need to be done, pastures need to be tended and the work is never done.
This blog is to share with you some of those Things of Beauty I’ve found living on the farm.
deer on porch croppedDianthus and Lambs Eardap 010412