Sets are the Best Way to Start!

Here are our suggestions of C & J Farms sets for adding to your own collection of C & J Farms seasonings or purchasing for someone who loves to cook or is just setting up a kitchen for the first time. Take a look of what we’ve come up with.

Hot and spicy set 1
For those in your family or friends that love all things Hot and Spicy we have just the suggestion for you.Our Hot and Spicy Set includes our freshly hand blended – Applewood Jalapeno Smoked Sea Salt, Mixed Hot Dried Peppers (Serrano, Cayenne, Fish Peppers, Cowhorn Cayenne (Heirloom), and Hot Black Hungarian). These peppers are great to add to your hamburger patties, soups and stews, chili, eggs your imagination is the limit.Hot and Spicy Sea Salt Blend is a mild heat with a lot of flavor. Black Pepper and Cayenne is not for those who have a mild heat tolerance, it’s seriously hot.

European Set 1
Some of us are experienced cooks and enjoy creating dishes and sides more complex in nature. We suggest our European Set for those.This set includes Greek Seasoning (a best seller). This is recommended for vegetables, rice and egg dishes. The flavor is exceptional in this blend with a sea salt base.Our Italian Blend is a versatile, flavorful and easy to use just about anywhere. The classic Herbs de Provence is here too.Excellent in sauces, rice and Lamb expect a very herby flavor. Culinary Lavender is added to this blend but does not overpower. Now, the Olive Oil Dipping Blend is a complex blend of herbs and spices made for adding to your favorite Olive Oil and dipping your hot baked bread into.Don’t stop there with this one.Enjoy this in your breading for chicken, making your own salad dressing or enjoying in soups.

American Set 1
Closer to home we have the American Set. Focused for those who enjoy grilling, roasting veggies and finding a healthier diet by adding more fish these are versatile and easy to use.The Red Steak Seasoning was combined to enjoy on – well – red meat but we have discovered many ways to enjoy this. Try adding some to melted butter to pour over broccoli or asparagus. Garlic Dill is good on fish, potatoes, and in cold salads.One of my favorite ways to use it is to combine it into yellow mustard and use as a sauce for my fish.Scarborough Fair is versatile, fresh and delicious. Great in pork crock pot dishes, on vegetables, on chicken and in pasta. Hickory and Herb Blend is a simple way to add that smoky flavor without all of the work. This can be used during the cooking process in your hamburger patties, or your meatloaf.Using it as a table salt works too.Enjoy it on your hard boiled eggs or into your beans (canned or dried).

Starter Set 2
Are you intimidated by using herbs, not knowing where or how to use them?The Starter Set is for you. We have put together 4 blends easy to use.The important thing for you to do when you get this set is to keep them sitting out on your counter top so you think to put them in the dishes you prepare.Poultry/Fish/Veggie Blend is telling you where to use this blend. This is our mildest blend combining sweet herbs. If you are cooking from scratch, fresh or opening a can or package of frozen foods you can add this blend to anything. Italian Blend is also a versatile blend. Not overpowering it has flavors most of us are used to tasting so there are no big palette changes. Add this to your spaghetti sauce, buttered cooked pasta or sprinkle on your buttered bread and broil in the oven for extra flavor. Garlic Dill Blend is full of flavor and easy to use on your fish, in your green beans or in your pasta or potato salads.Who of us doesn’t like garlic salt?The Roasted Garlic Sea Salt takes garlic salt to a whole new level.This is a kitchen must have. Use it on hot baked bread, when you’re frying potatoes or add to soups and stews, wherever you want that intense garlic flavor.

Sea Salt Set 1
Sea Salt has become a new staple in our kitchens.Full of minerals from around the world they add a health benefit along with exciting new flavors.The Sea Salt Set provides a variety of great flavors and is pretty too. Pink Himalayan Salt is a mined salt coming from old sea beds in the Himalayan Mountains. The salt is pink due to the mineral content within. This can be used during the cooking process or as a table salt. The Roasted Garlic Sea Salt is an amazing infusion of flavors. The intense flavor of roasted garlic makes this commonly used salt in most kitchens a special ingredient.Now for that smoky flavor we enjoy, the Applewood Smoked Sea Salt. Sea Salt from the US is laid out and Applewood is smoked until it becomes a part of the salt. This is a favorite of mine when I’m cooking dried beans. Beans never tasted so good.Used as a finish salt the Black Lava Sea Salt comes from Hawaii.It is black in color and very fine grain with a smooth and velvety texture. It is great to use on the table with the normal informal meal or add on top of butter pats when entertaining.

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