Our Famous C & J Farms Crackers

We have taken a simple recipe that has been around for years and made it the C & J Farms way. Using this method to allow you to taste before you buy, has allowed many of you to experience our fresh seasonings and discover an easy delicious snack.

While talking with you at our locations we know you want our recipe so I am putting it here for you to have whenever you are ready to make a Tasty Cracker snack.


1 bag of Oyster Crackers or Saltine Mini’s (see note below)
½ cup Canola Oil
¼ cup C & J Farms Seasoning Blend of your choice

Put oil & Seasoning into a gallon size baggie, mix together.
Add crackers, mix till all crackers are coated.
Let sit for 24 hours.
Transfer to a bowl and enjoy.

A couple of notes:
1) Use 2 sleeves of unsalted crackers if you are using a salt based seasoning blend, so the cracker is not too salty.
2) You can adjust the amount of oil and seasoning to your taste.
3) For those who are gluten intolerant – you can change out the crackers for Rice Chex cereal.

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