Pancakes to make you Smile!

Morning came as usual with my two cups of coffee, and then I was ready to eat. I knew pancakes were the item of the day but I wanted something different, a bit more Holiday and Fall like so I made two batches of wholesome pancake batter and divided it up so I could have multiple flavors for the morning.

The first flavor was new for me. I took ½ cup of prepared batter and stirred in ¼ teaspoon of fresh dried lavender buds and ¼ teaspoon plus a pinch of citrus zest. (I usually combine my Orange and Lemon Zest into one jar for keeping.)The lavender and citrus is a great combination and the floral came thru without any bitterness. This would be especially good for a holiday brunch or Ladies Day, although my husband really liked it.

Well, that wasn’t enough so the next cup of batter was waiting. I mixed approximately 1 teaspoon of the new Autumn Spice Blend into that waiting batter. Now this one was the favorite of the morning! So full of flavor! A great way to warm you up on a cold Autumn or Winter morning or to make Christmas morning breakfast a bit more special. You could add a bit of pureed pumpkin or sweet potato and serve with our Infused Cinnamon Honey, delightful.
Tasted delicious, don’t let the picture fool you.

Another batch was waiting. More Autumn Spice Blend with Blueberries added; cooked up fluffy and hot and served with pure Maple Syrup.

Crispy (really crispy) bacon, my husband, grandson and Amanda (here to work in the greenhouse) all shared in the pancake variety breakfast. They agreed I could cook these again anytime.

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